The Drivers


Graeme DONOHOe says:

I’m so looking forward to celebrating my 40th birthday in style by doing the Mongol Rally.

If I can avoid taking a wrong turn into Syria or starting another civil war in Turkey, I’m sure I’ll celebrate many more.

The combination of reaching this milestone birthday and writing a lot about dementia in my job as a Sunday Mail journo has suddenly made me think a lot about my granny and grandpa Donohoe’s horrendous battle with Alzheimer’s.

From a selfish point of view, I hope this trip can raise lots of money to help one day find a cure for dementia… so I can avoid a similar fate.

But hopefully families in future can be spared the ordeal of watching their loved ones fade away before their very eyes with this cruel condition.

Through my job, I’m lucky enough to have great memories of meeting F1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart, surviving a spin in a McLaren F1 supercar with Jenson Button and flying through the air in a rally car driven by Colin McRae.

Now it’s my turn to take the wheel for a driving challenge of a lifetime.


Jim Suttie says:

The Mongol Rally holds no fear for me. I thrive on danger and love living life on the edge. Well, I do live in Greenock.

I’ve enjoyed trekking in foreign climes such as Borneo and Thailand and spent a year driving around Australia. No, I did NOT get lost.

While Down Under, my thirst for adventure saw me almost eaten by a four metre tiger shark on a Great Barrier Reef dive.

That was still not as scary as getting permission from my wife Linzi for time off to join Graeme for nine nights on the road across Europe!

My only other relevant skill for this is a capacity to be in close proximity for prolonged periods with Graeme without wanting to strangle him.


Hugh Murray says:

At 65, I’m the veteran member of Team Jackie Moo-art – and probably the only person old enough to know how to actually read a map for when the Satnav conks out.

I’m looking forward to joining Graeme on the road from Istanbul to Baku.

The trip has a nice feeling of continuity to it, as I cycled from Amsterdam to Istanbul to celebrate my 60th birthday and I’ve also ridden my bike across Vietnam and Thailand.

I’ve seen some shockingly bad driving on my travels… so perfect preparation for being a passenger with Graeme at the wheel.

I’m delighted to be taking part as a co-driver and hair stylist to Morag the moo car.

Jasper bundy says:

I am the ideal co-pilot for one very important reason… I am one of a very select few able to withstand prolonged periods in Graeme’s company without wanting to commit suicide. I even managed to sail the Atlantic with Graeme without throwing him overboard.

Other reasons I’m the perfect travel companion include:
1) I'm the only person Graeme knows who owns a tent
2) I'm the only person Graeme knows who owns a socket set
3) As you can see from my picture I am in peak physical condition
4) Graeme believes that in the event of us being captured by Isis he may have time to escape while they decapitate the Englishman!