By Tom Archer - Team Scallwags (The Adventurists)

By Tom Archer - Team Scallwags (The Adventurists)

This is an epic fund-raising adventure where we’re definitely going the extra mile to make you part with your cash for a good cause…. 10,000 miles to be exact.

Team Jackie Moo-Art is ready to boldly go where no four-wheeled Highland Cow car has ever gone before!

The Mongol Rally is about getting lost, digging your motor out of the desert, and trying to avoid being shot at by an AK-47 wielding bandit while attempting to raise a shed load of dosh for charity.

Please note that this is not one of these jollies where we expect you to stump up so a charity will pay to whisk us off gratis on an exotic adventure. We have entirely self-funded this adventure ourselves - paying our own flights, accommodation, insurance, vaccination, etc costs.

Flying Scotsman Sir Jackie Stewart’s charity Race Against Dementia aims to put the brakes on the devastating brain disease that is now Britain’s biggest killer.

The F1 legend’s wife Helen is one of 850,000 sufferers in the UK today – and that figure will hit two million by 2051 unless a cure is found.

Dementia is a cruel condition that can hit anyone from all walks of life and is devastating for a family who have to watch their loved-one fade away before their very eyes.

So please, please, please give generously.

Show your support for Team Jackie Moo-art by making a donation at: