A Word From Sir Jackie Stewart

Three-time F1 world champ Sir Jackie Stewart is backing our Highland Cow car to reach the Mongol Rally finish line.

The racing legend is thrilled that Team Jackie Moo-art is helping raise money for his charity Race Against Dementia.

Sir Jackie beamed: “The Highland Cow is a great symbol of Scotland. I am sure it will attract a lot of attention on your fund-raising car rally to Mongolia and wave the flag for Scotland.

“Race Against Dementia are very thankful to your team for their initiative and their support.”

Sir Jackie’s family is one of 850,000 across the UK whose lives have been devastated by a loved-one being cruelly destroyed by dementia.

The super Scot’s wife and childhood sweetheart Helen, 76, is battling the brain disease.

Sir Jackie is determined to fund research to help one day find a cure – and launched his charity Race Against Dementia last year with £1million of his own money.

The dad-of-two said: “I have watched Helen change before my very eyes. Her razor-sharp mind was one of the things I fell in love with – and it’s her mind that is vanishing.

“John Lennon said there are no problems, only solutions. There are breakthroughs in medicine. Think how many people can be cured of cancer, how many people can live with HIV.



“When I was a racing driver I had to have the best mechanics, designers and management teams.

“Now I’m in touch with the most eminent doctors to accelerate global research into this disease. We want to work towards prevention and cure.

“I’d give anything to find a cure. I want to do all I can to help millions of people around the world avoid this heartache. Together, we can unlock this puzzle.”